The encyclopedia released by softview publication has detailed collection of data in several categories with more than 1000s of pictures. These picture thumbnails which on clicking will have an enlarged view of the same, which can also be printed and used. This CD is a real boon for primary class and every children can enrich their knowledge. Each and every school can have a collection of this CD in library so that every student can make use of it.

Categories are as follows : Animals, Aqua, Birds, Buildings & Dwelling, Clothing, Communication, Computer Equipments, Cosmetics & Jewellery, Flags, Flowers, Fruits, Furniture, Geographical Epithets, Grains And Pulses, Household Articles, Indian National Leaders, Insects, Inventions, Landmarks, Plants, Profession, Road Safety, School Goods, Sundries, Trees, Vegetables, Vehicles

Price : Rs. 200/-